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the enchanted wood…in a box

14 September 2011

a box...

the anchanted wood...

Lavanderia18 apre una finestra sul bosco e tra i rami degli alberi, che hanno già ceduto le foglie alla terra, tra funghi e castagne, scopre una via per salutare l’arrivo dell’autunno.
Lavanderia18 presenta una capsule collection formata da pezzi unici, che addolciscono il passaggio verso la nuova stagione.

Lavanderia18 opens a window into the woods and among the branches of trees, the leaves that have already succumbed to the land, including mushrooms and chestnuts, he finds a way to greet the arrival of autumn.
Lavanderia18 presents a capsule collection consists of unique pieces, which soften the transition to the new season.

the enchanted wood...





at the end of the forest...

Armadio di Penelope's shop Feltre, Via Mezzaterra 10/b

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